Wholesale Magnetic Jewelry


Wholesale Magnetic Jewelry


Klare's Originals specializes in providing wholesale magnetic jewelry to its ever increasing number of resellers. All our magnetic jewelry is designed and manufactured in at our facility in Houston, Texas.

Klare's designs are appreciated by women of all ages and can be used for a wide range of applications. Although intended for use as personal accessories, enhancing personal style no matter the occasion, they can also be used to decorate items around the home, including lampshades, candles, photo frames, etc.

Please browse our online wholesale magnetic jewelry catalog to see our wide range of popular items. The prices shown in our catalog are suggested retail prices. If you are new to our store, please select the items you like and use our shopping cart to request a quote... you will not be asked for a credit card, it is simply a request for pricing. We will respond as quickly as possible and once approved, we will give you membership access to our website, which will allow you to see our wholesale pricing.

Just a few uses of our range of wholesale magnetic jewelry can be seen in our videos below:

Uses for our wholesale magnetic jewelry. Video 1:


Uses for our wholesale magnetic jewelry. Video 2:

Uses for our wholesale magnetic jewelry. Video 3:

The videos above demonstrate just some of the uses for our jewelry. As you can see, all our pieces utilize exceptionally strong magnets, allowing pieces to be used for almost any occasion without fear of an item becoming dislodged or lost.

If you would like to learn more, please click on this link wholesale magnetic jewelry to browse our complete range.